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STEM Teacher Resources


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Being a STEM teacher means that you are very busy and that time is always at a premium. Teachers need all the help they can get to develop instructional plans that are engaging and standards-based.

The goals for developing these STEM Resources were twofold. We identified major topics that were of current interest to STEM teachers and scoured the Internet to locate websites that were of particularly high-quality. STEM WebLinks is where these materials are located. The second goal was to provide examples of instructional materials developed by practicing teachers using toolsavailable at A large collection of these materials can be found in the Teacher Work Samples section.

STEM Weblinks: The Way It Works...

These WebLink collections can help teachers to effectively integrate digital resources into their professional practice. While many ofthese materials are specific to science or mathematics, others, such as Questioning Techniques cut across all disciplines.

Teams of Tennessee teachers carefully searched the Internet to find valuable places where STEM educators can gather information about topics and themes of general interest, such as inquiry, lab safety,and trade books. While no one claims that these collections areall-inclusive or that they represent thedefinitive websites on the topic, STEM WebLinks can serve as avaluable “starting point” to search for information on the Web. WebLinks collections can be real time-savers for STEM educators.

A word of caution… the Internet is dynamic and rapidly-changing. Although efforts are continually made to keep these lists up to date, you may find websites that are no longer active or available. Please contact us if you find any inactive sites.

Teacher Work Samples: The Way It Works...

The STEM Tools section of contains a comprehensive set of materials and approaches designed to help Tennessee’s STEM teachers develop and implement instruction,assess student performance, and engage in teaching that is purposeful, exciting, and carefully aligned with standards. Past visitors to this website expressed a desire for models, examplesthat could enable them to visualize how these STEM Tools could be used.

Teacher Work Samples includes a large compendium of teacher-generated materials. Meeting the goal of developing a comprehensive set of STEM Teacher Work Samples that are aligned with the tools and practices found in STEM Resources has involved the dedicated work of literally hundreds of practicing and future science and mathematics educators. A complete list of the outstanding professionals whose work appears in can be found in the List of Contributors.